Ramon Project UPDATE:

  1. You know, I originally directed my initial pitch toward "musicians". I more recently realized that wasn't a mistake exactly, but much too limited. I feel like I barely count as a musician myself, and in any case am always keenly interested to work in the spirit of Punk Rock, in its broadest, abstract, and ideal sense: Punk not as a particular sound, but as an ethic of working that severely discounts "professionalism" in art and promotes enthusiasm, commitment, independence, and non-conformity as highest values in both aesthetics and ethics. Perhaps the best analogy I can think of to the group I hope to assemble for this mission would be the Portsmith Sinfonia. So, if the idea intrigues you, but you weren't sure what you could do: by all means please get on board and you can at least bang on a can or help make flyers or what have you—and I would be most pleased to have you make your debut on an instrument you've never played before.

  2. Speaking of getting on board, while any and all interested parties are welcome as ever to email or Signal me (details in the blog header), the canonical option for "signing up" or at least indicating your interest is to head over to the brand-new Ramon Project forum, create an account, and start posting. I've done what I can to test it out, but if anyone has technical or other trouble getting going over there, please get in touch and let me know.

Thanks once again for your kind attention, and please consider sharing this post.

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