Heard "When Doves Cry" out of nowhere on the radio recently. I wasn't expecting it, and it hit me with fresh ears. Almost 35 years later, the song is still deeply weird, and sounds like it came from the future. There's so much that makes it a legendary song, but the most amazing thing to me is how it manages to combine deep funk science, serious R&B soulfulness, dance club beats, light pop confectionery, psychedelia, and something approaching avant art song into a unified whole that sounds like unlike anything before or since and still got over as a gigantic crossover hit.

2018-04-20 18:39:14-05:00


Here's the thing about Eno: it is tiresome to me that every profile of him you see spins the same narrative of this avant artiste and futurist egghead, who also happens to make a hit record now and then—as a sort of sideline, as it were. It would be so much more honest (and frankly more interesting and enjoyable) for someone to turn that around completely and treat him for what he really is: an enormously successful superstar record producer who happens to carry a lot of not uninteresting intellectual window dressing. Like anyone in his line, I'm sure he has a lot of technical and management know-how contributing to his success, that has nothing to do with drawing random slogans from a deck of cards or having people switch instruments or whatever. He's a notoriously demanding interview subject, and it's possible he refuses to discuss any of that studio technique stuff. But most producers love to talk about how they work, the machines they use, etc., and I wonder if it's just that no one asks him, because they're so dazzled by that window dressing.

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I adjusted my quick post Workflow so it calls to a Working Copy x-callback-url directly instead of using sharing extension, and it’s even smoother than before. It’s like butter.

2018-04-17 15:53:36-05:00


Aw, man. Sad. I remember watching him do funny magic on SNL, and I was a Night Court fan. Harry Anderson, RIP.

2018-04-17 02:36:09-05:00


I hooked an old iPad up through a nice Yamaha preamp I found in a neighbor’s alley and into my old 90s bookshelf stereo, with decent KLH speakers that were another alley find. Easy, basically free (or only money spent was so long ago I don’t miss it now) and sounds amazing

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Cole slaw is underrated

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I can’t believe I lived for so many years without a toaster oven

2018-04-13 09:53:57-05:00


I also made a workflow for doing quick little posts, like this one. It doesn’t bother with opening the editor, just gets input on the fly, prepends the frontmatter, and opens the sharing extensions so I can save right to Working Copy.

2018-04-12 17:52:31-05:00


So, I've been wanting a way to make posting to my blog easier and faster, especially from mobile devices. One sticking point has been that I like to geotag my posts with what3words addresses. I use post frontmatter to add this detail, and long ago wrote a script that polls my location via the iCloud Find My iPhone API and fills in the frontmatter for me. It looks like this when it's done (using this very post as reference):

Title: 291980d
Date: 2018-04-12T16:05:57-05:00
lat: 41.8892038
lng: -87.6327415
w3w: orchestra.onions.image

The automation script is written in Python, and adds the frontmatter when I start a draft. Combined with pushing my content to GitLab and having Netlify set up to deploy from there, I've had a pretty smooth posting/publishing setup on my laptop for a while now. But it didn't work on my mobile devices. When I have an idea for a post while I'm not at my desk, I've generally had to jot something down and save it for publishing later.

I played around with trying to add the frontmatter business to my Netlify deploy process. It almost worked, but doing that on deploy means I ended up without the frontmatter (actually, the way wrote it, without the whole post) getting committed back to my Git repo. Needless to say, this was a problem. 😕

I finally figured out I could recreate everything the script does using Workflow on my phone and iPad. So that generates the frontmatter, drops it into a new file in Textastic and I'm good to go. From Textastic, I can save to Working Copy and push to GitLab.

I actually like it better than my workflow on the Mac, because Workflow has the location services built-in, so I don't have to do an awkward 2FA dance with the iCloud service to find out my coordinates. I just use a Get Current Location action. It's all pretty sweet.

Again, as with the included frontmatter example, I'm eating this dog food to write this post itself.

2018-04-12 16:05:57-05:00