Here's the thing about Eno: it is tiresome to me that every profile of him you see spins the same narrative of this avant artiste and futurist egghead, who also happens to make a hit record now and then—as a sort of sideline, as it were. It would be so much more honest (and frankly more interesting and enjoyable) for someone to turn that around completely and treat him for what he really is: an enormously successful superstar record producer who happens to carry a lot of not uninteresting intellectual window dressing. Like anyone in his line, I'm sure he has a lot of technical and management know-how contributing to his success, that has nothing to do with drawing random slogans from a deck of cards or having people switch instruments or whatever. He's a notoriously demanding interview subject, and it's possible he refuses to discuss any of that studio technique stuff. But most producers love to talk about how they work, the machines they use, etc., and I wonder if it's just that no one asks him, because they're so dazzled by that window dressing.

2018-04-18 20:46:13-05:00