Like everyone does from time to time, it seems, I am taking a break from the social media. I've tried this before and to be honest I'm really bad at it. But I have gotten increasingly upset about what Twitter and Facebook have done to warp discussion in the general commons of society at large, and have always been uncomfortable letting someone else own my personal data. I am also (again, like practically everybody) concerned about the effects of compulsive or addictive checking social media sites on my personal life and relationships.

I don't have a plan for how long I want this hiatus to last. I realize my chances of success would improve if I made a specific commitment, but like I sad I'm bad at this. I also don't have a great history with blogging, but I'm hoping having this little site going will give me an outlet to turn to with stuff I might otherwise post to the Facebook or the Twitters. I am really hoping to keep this hiatus up for at least 30 of solid days of not logging in or checking FB or Twitter at all, and my fond wish is to find I can do without them permanently or at least indefinitely. I haven't missed LinkedIn since I deleted my account there, I tell you what.

2017-10-30 23:54:58+00:00