I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

But what I want to say right now is that her accusations are in a sense almost beside the point. With his grotesque display of outrage and entitlement today, Brett Kavanaugh showed his true colors as a coarse and intemperate man. I find it painful to realize such a character has ever acted as a judge, and incomprehensible that he's remotely this close to a seat on the Supreme Court. I can put aside any of the accusations -- credible as they are -- and today's testimony makes it abundantly clear what a disaster his approval would (and sigh probably will) be, purely as a matter of how he responded. He seems just a vile excuse for a human being, frankly.

TL;DR: This

There was, in this performance, not even a hint of the sagacity one expects from a potential Supreme Court Justice.

2018-09-27 20:02:26-05:00