If your list of Very Important Books That Everybody Really Ought to Read doesn't have Their Eyes Were Watching God and Invisible Man on it, you're doing it wrong.

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I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

But what I want to say right now is that her accusations are in a sense almost beside the point. With his grotesque display of outrage and entitlement today, Brett Kavanaugh showed his true colors as a coarse and intemperate man. I find it painful to realize such a character has ever acted as a judge, and incomprehensible that he's remotely this close to a seat on the Supreme Court. I can put aside any of the accusations -- credible as they are -- and today's testimony makes it abundantly clear what a disaster his approval would (and sigh probably will) be, purely as a matter of how he responded. He seems just a vile excuse for a human being, frankly.

TL;DR: This

There was, in this performance, not even a hint of the sagacity one expects from a potential Supreme Court Justice.

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How about a digital virtual assistant that subverts the gender binary

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I have an especially hard time understanding Trump's appeal in rural America. Even leaving aside all his dishonesty, corruption, and all-around bad character, I would think the country folk would view him as a city slicker. Maybe the fact that he's universally disliked in the city he's from helps. I dunno.

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It only recently really hit me that brains are made of meat, too

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I ain't readin no textbook
I'm at the board with the chalk
Been floutin Grice's Maxims
Since I learned to talk

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Selected at random, for today:

"Look at a very small object, look at its centre" – Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, Oblique Stratigies

62. Hsiao Kuo / Preponderance of the Small - I Ching

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At The Twilight Hours show at Space in Evanston. Can't think when I've seen a band live where I knew as little of their music as these guys. It's pretty great. Also weird because I sort of recognize their singer from seeing Trip Shakespeare like 30 years ago or something like that.

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Heard "When Doves Cry" out of nowhere on the radio recently. I wasn't expecting it, and it hit me with fresh ears. Almost 35 years later, the song is still deeply weird, and sounds like it came from the future. There's so much that makes it a legendary song, but the most amazing thing to me is how it manages to combine deep funk science, serious R&B soulfulness, dance club beats, light pop confectionery, psychedelia, and something approaching avant art song into a unified whole that sounds like unlike anything before or since and still got over as a gigantic crossover hit.

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